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Alpha DVD Creations provides personalized support for businesses, families and individuals with fully edited, authored and indexed, digital productions. Whether it is to transfer vhs to dvd, preserving or archiving photographs, videos or digital media, creating and distributing company training, advertising or operating materials, we can provide you with reliable digital media solutions. We can transfer multiple media formats such as film, slides, and pictures to dvd. We will professionally transfer vhs to dvd as well as photographs, or films, to high quality, long lasting DVD.

Tape Formats: VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Hi 8, Mini DV

Tape Formats: VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Hi 8, Mini DV

Straight Transfer, no editing, with basic content information printed on DVD

Single Tape up to 2 hours – $20.00

2 to 9 tapes  – $13.00 per tape

10 to 30 tapes – $9.95 per tape

More then 30 tapes? Please call for Quote

VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Hi 8, Mini DV PREMIUM PACKAGE

VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Hi 8, Mini DV PREMIUM PACKAGE

Special editing, custom menu page and custom DVD cover.  Easy Navigation to any scene.

Single Tape up to 2 hours – $20.00

2 to 20 tapes – $17.00 per tape

21 plus tapes – $15.00 per tape

More Tapes? Please call for Quote

Videos under 15 minutes special discounts may apply.

We also convert Betamax tapes, similar pricing as VHS.

DVDs are in an .mp2 format suitable for viewing on Laptop, PC and most if not all DVD players.

We can convert and supply .mp4 format on flash drive or external hard drive for personal editing, upload to internet or as a stored backup. 

Call for pricing.

Photos and Slides

Photos and Slides

Slides- Scan, enhance, create basic slide show. $0.47 per slide.

Photos – scan, create  basic slide show or for backup,  $0.29 per photo


1-20 – $5.95, 20 to 50 –  $4.95,
over 50 please call for pricing.

We archive a copy of all DVDs we produce at no charge.

Copies always available at above pricing.

8mm or Super 8mm Film Transfers

8mm or Super 8mm Film Transfers

Includes organizing reels, cleaning all film, splicing, digitizing, editing, adding content titles (if available) throughout video.

Adding custom menu page or chapter points.

Includes a custom DVD cover with content.

Price  $0.18 per foot.  No set up fee.

Minimum order  $18.00.

Custom Event Video

Custom Event Video

(using Photos, slides, video clips with music)

First 100 photos – $89.95 includes, titles, captions and 3 songs.

Custom video clips –  add $5.00 per clip added

Usually runs 8 to 9 minutes.

For additional photos (as many as you want) add $0.69 per photo

Please Call For More Specific Quotes